High Tech PET TAGS with GPS

High Tech PET TAGS with GPS

What if your pet gets loose and is injured? Who will speak for him or her? Our tags provide emergency 'on the spot" information for your companion/pet. High Technology allows a simple smart phone scan to read your pet's specific code and have contact and medical information in one single click of a button.

How will you find your pet if it goes missing? Upon scanning your pets tag, an immediate e-mail notification is sent to (2) emergency contacts. That is Right! We send out (2) notifications to your designated emergency contacts in real time for your pet to be found and returned safely to you.

Real Time GPS notifications! Our tags are capable of GPS Mapping to better help you find your pet quickly.

Pet Photo ID, shows your pet's photo and information. For LIFE! A Transferable service to another pet!

Now, If that was not amazing all by itself, What if your pet passes away or is sold and you acquire another furry friend? You simply go on-line, update the information for your new family member, transfer the tag to the new collar and your new pet is ID protected via his/her special updated tag.

Our main market for this product has been cats and dogs, But keep it in mind it for any animal that can wear a tag on a collar or halter. Do not forget our Equestrian friends!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to respond.    

Unlike our competitors, We do not charge a monthly or annual service fee! You pay a one time price of $13.95 for the tag kit and your tag service is free for Life. The Tag can also be transferred to another pet at no additional charge, simply by going into your on-line account and updating your Pet's information.

Working to create QR/GPS medical/ID/Contact products for Humans and Pets and Medical alert E-Books for the purpose of providing life saving information for heart patients. Our products are hand selected to provide money saving and possibly life saving products to the general public and to provide Volunteer Fire and Rescue products for their much needed fund raising events..

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