Exit Sign Led Retrofit Kit, Red

Exit Sign Led Retrofit Kit, Red

Exit Sign Led Retrofit Kit, Red
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One of the number things fire inspectors look for in your building is whether or not your Exit sign is up and running efficiently. This is a life saving device that shows people where to exit in a case of emergency. A standard Exit sign cost a building owner approximately $85 a year and requires bulb replacement maintenance. Retrofitting with a LED retro kit brings your cost from $85 a year to $1.50 a year and it lights efficiently for 10+ years! It is a safety product for your customers, your local fire and rescue and a great investment for commercial property owners. Any investment that cost a one time $21.95 and pays for itself in energy savings year after year after year for up 10+ years. In addition, in some states your power company will provide you with a rebate for changing over to an energy efficient product. Call your local power company to see if this is available for you.

Firefly Exit Sign LED Retrofit Kit Safety Lighting can retrofit your existing Exit Sign in less than 15 Minutes, taking you from around $85 per year in costs down to $1.50 per year. 

Wouldn't it be nice not to have to throw away your perfectly good Exit Sign just to replace them with inferior Plastic ones?

Now you can, Firefly's Safety Lighting LED Exit Sign Retrofit Kits lets you do just that. And just imagine how much Landfill space will be saved!

You can retrofit your existing Exit Sign without having to re-paint or replace Ceiling Tiles.

The LED Exit Sign Retrofit Kit is easy to install, usually takes less than 15 minutes per Exit Sign and it burns Brightly and Evenly for 10+ years.

A $5 LENS is even included at no charge, this will make your old Exit Sign look new again.

Return of Investment (ROI) is an incredible 3 Months!

These LED Exit Sign Safety Lighting Retrofit Kits saves up to 95% in Energy use, come with a 7 - 10 Year Warranty, are available as a Hard Wire or Socket (Extra Cost) installation.

The LED Exit Sign Retrofit Kits are available in Single (120V and 277V).

This is a must have product for any Company, Corporation, Government Building, Covered Parking Facility and Health Care Facility.

This LED Exit Sign Retrofit Safety Lighting Kits are designed and manufactured in Marietta, Georgia, USA by Firefly Technology Inc.

The LED Exit Sign Retrofit comes with a 10 Year Warranty!

Features Benefits
Use your Sign No need to replace Ceiling Tiles or have to repaint
0 Bulb changes Cost Savings, zero Maintenance
Low Energy use Save $35, or more, per Year in Energy
Very Bright LED's Brighter than Standard Incandescent or Fluorescent Bulbs
Low Shipping cost 50 Kits take up the same space and weight as 2 Exit signs
Retrofit Saves Dumpster Fees and Landfill Space
10 Year Warranty Peace of mind

Volume discounts available!

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