PET ID TAG Charm with QR Code Locator GPS Mapping

PET ID TAG Charm with QR Code Locator GPS Mapping

PET ID TAG Charm with QR Code Locator GPS Mapping
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Kit includes (2) tags, One for the pet and one for the owner. Beautifully Packaged. Easy to read instructions. A free ($25) gift certificate is included with each value.

Gift certificate includes: Book any pet friendly hotel on-line at and get a free $25.00 gift certificate good at more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide.

We also include a free Pet records Folder. This is a convenient way to keep all your Pet's information, such as Pedigree records, You vet's information, Your Groomer's information, medication, shot records, Dietary needs, ect., all in one place.

Our tags provide On The Spot Information specifically about your pet, using available smart phone technology. Each Tag has a unique code number to identify each pet. You have the ability to log onto your pets profile online 24 seven to update information as needed. This Service is used to keep all your pet's record in one place and be easily managed in addition to emergency services for missing or injured pets

  • All of your Pet's pertinent information including medical records are instantly called up and made available.
  • An Immediate and automatic email notification is sent to two designated contacts alerting them the Your Pet's Tag has been activated.
  • Our GPS mapping capabilities better helps You to locate Your lost pet and bring them home safely.
  • Your Pet's photo ID will appear will appear on screen for visual confirmation.
  • A Panic button feature alerts area animal shelters, etc. about your missing pet. If your Pet is brought to a facility, you will be contacted Immediately.

Unlike other similar items, There is    NO MONTHLY or ANNUAL RENEWAL FEE  .  Your tag purchase is for Life and can be changed over to another pet at any time, free of charge.

Real Time GPS notifications! Our tags are capable of GPS Mapping to better help you find your pet quickly.

Pet Photo ID, shows your pet's photo and information. For LIFE! A Transferable service to another pet!

What if your pet gets loose and is injured? Who will speak for him or her?

Our tags provide emergency 'on the spot" information for your companion/pet. High Technology allows a simple smart phone scan to read your pet's specific code and have contact and medical information in one single click of a button.

Our main market for this product has been cats and dogs, But keep it in mind it for any animal that can wear a tag on a collar or halter. Do not forget our Equestrian friends!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to respond. $1 of every sale made goes to to assist Animal adoption agency's and Animal Rescue.   
One time/Lifetime product. One time fee, No renewal cost, FOR LIFE!

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