Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint ™

Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint ™

Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint ™
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The B.E.A.R., or Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint™, helps make moving obese patients easier.

It is constructed of mesh and strong webbing with an innovative closure system that wraps around the patient's abdomen from the bottom up. It holds a patient's adipose tissue more in the midline to stabilize a large abdominal mass. With the abdominal mass stabilized relative to the cot, the cot is more maneuverable and less likely to tip. It works with long backboards and more importantly, with your stretcher. It offers a few more key benefits. You are more often able to close your cot's sidebars, and it really helps with making it a more dignified transfer by better protecting patient modesty.

Three things to consider when looking at our product;

1. Not all obese and bariatric patients warrant the use of a Bariatric Cot. 90% of these patients are 4’ – 5’ tall and weigh between 300 and 700 lbs. These patients are too small for a bariatric cot but are too large for a conventional 20” wide cot. Our product will make transport possible on your narrow 20” wide cot.

2. Our product will prevent sudden lateral shift from the uncontrolled abdominal section of these larger patients. This will lower the risk of the cot tipping, injuring the patient, and injuring the transport crew.

3. Our product will lower patient anxiety, speed up transports by not having to wait for a bariatric unit, and protects the patients dignity.

The BEAR saves money and time! Our product pays for itself many times over in just one use! Whether it's the loss of revenue from passing the call to not having to have a Bariatric cot, you'll save hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Custom logo lettering is available. Please contact us for details.

To know more about this product and how to use this product, please watch below videos.


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