High Tech PET TAGS with GPS  

What is a QR Code?
Ans: A QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code). The code consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square pattern on a white background. A URL encoded in the QR Code itself is associated with a location that houses your pet’s profile information.

Do I need to own a smart phone for this product to work?
Ans: No. You should never need to scan your own pet’s ID tag. The person who finds your pet, the animal shelter or first responder at the scene of an accident would be the person who scans your pet’s tag.

How do I update my pet’s information?
Ans: You have the ability to log into your pet’s profile at www.myinfo911.com/pet 24/7 to update information.

Does this tag have GPS tracking?
Ans: No. This is not a tracking device. We include GPS mapping with every subscription, free of charge.

What happens if my pet loses the ID tag?
Ans: In the event your pet loses the Pet ID tag, the tag cannot be reproduced. You must purchase a new tag and create a new account.

Can I order this program for a human?
Ans: Yes. We have a program for humans. Please visit www.myinfor911.com for details on our Emergency ID Card program.

Is my pet’s information secure?
Ans: Yes. We have 2 layers of security to secure the privacy of each pet and their owner(s).

How do I activate the Panic Button feature if my pet gets lost?
Ans: When you purchased your Pet ID Tag, you received a key tag for your keychain. Type in the URL found on that key tag into any browser. The Panic Button screen is displayed for you to type in the pertinent information, such as where the pet got lost, etc. and click “send”. At that time, an immediate notification email is sent to the people/places you designated in your pet’s profile.

Do I have to renew my membership every year?
Ans: No. Your pet’s tag has a lifetime membership.

Can the information on the tags be accessed without a smart phone?
Ans: Yes. The web address and code can be entered into a computer instead of scanning the QR Code.

Do I have to create a new log in name and password for each tag I activate?
Ans: Yes. Once you activate a tag, You will have 24/7 access 365 days a year for life with no annual renewal fee.

Is there an actual person I can talk to?
Ans: Absolutely! Please contact us via e-mail through our website, www.mypetinfo911.com, or call toll free at 1-877-572-5966. An operator will connect with you with the person that can best address your questions.

Emergency LED Exit Sign Retrofit kits   

LED Lighting seems expensive, why should I buy LED Lighting?
Ans: LED Lighting offers a Return on Investment (ROI) from 3 months to 2 years. They burn for 7 - 15 + Years. They literally pay for themselves year after year after year in Energy Savings and the Maintenance costs of replacing Fluorescent or Incandescent Lighting.
They are also available and recommended in LED Retrofit/Conversion Kits that allow you to use your current Fixtures.

I heard that LED Lighting is not very bright. Is that true?
Ans: NO.
Quality LED Lighting from a reputable Manufacturer should burn equal or brighter than Fluorescent or Incandescent Lighting using a fraction of the Energy.

Can I get LED Lighting in different colors?
Ans: You sure can! Reds, Blues, Greens, Purples, Yellows, Pinks and an array of different shades of Whites to name a few.

Do LED Lights break easily like my regular Light Bulbs do?
Ans: No.
LED Lights are made of Epoxy, not Glass, making them very durable and much safer to handle.

What kind of lead time can I expect?
Ans: It depends on the Product you order.
Some Products are stocked and ship with 48 Hours, others have to be made and have a lead time of 2 - 8+ weeks.

Do LED Lights break easily like my regular Light Bulbs do?
Ans: No.
LED Lights are made of Epoxy, not Glass, making them very durable and much safer to handle.

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