As with all of our Lighting Retrofit Products, this LED Parking Garage Lighting Lamp is an excellent choice when changing over to LED Garage Lighting

Features Benefits
Use your Existing fixtures No need to buy new Fixtures or pay to have them installed
Long Lasting, up to 100,000 hours No need to buy Bulbs, saves on Maintenance
Energy saving Saves 80%, or more, ROI is very short
Super White light Increases Security
5 Year Warranty Peace of mind

These LED Parking Garage Lighting Lamps will fit into virtually all Parking Garage Lighting Fixtures

In General:

  • Our 55 Watt LED can replace a 100 - 175 Watt HID Bulb 
  • Our 70 Watt LED can replace a 200 - 250 Watt HID Bulb
  • Our 98 Watt LED can replace a 250 - 400 Watt HID Bulb

How Is It Done?
Using our LED Parking Garage Lighting Retrofit Kits to retrofit Parking Garage Lighting Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Fixtures anywhere, from 100 - 175 Watt Lamps to our 54 Watt LED Garage Lighting Lamps.  Use your existing Parking Garage Lighting Fixtures, disable the Ballast, install a new LED Parking Garage Lighting Ballast and install the LED Lighting Retrofit kit.  
Payback is generally from 1.8 to 2.5 years depending on KWH rate and Rebates available in your area, based on 24/7 operation.

175W MH drawing 210W/hr @ $0.12/kwh costs $220.75 per Year.

54W LED Retrofit Light Kit @ $0.12/kwh costs $56.73 Per year.

This results in a savings of $164.02/year per Fixture, plus an average of $60/Year for Maintenance = $224.02/year

The cost savings is there. Call NOW to get a FREE ROI Analysis and Quote. The retrofit pays for itself with the Energy savings alone.

LED Retrofit Parking Garages Lighting Specifications:
Integrated LED system for optimum Lifetime Performance of 100,000 Plus Hours. Power Consumption 27W-98W
Lumen Output 2000-7000K
Lumen Per Watt 71-72
Light Source LED Phillips
Color Temperatures White
Color Rendering Index (CRI) Daylight 80

Please view Product Information Sheet for more details.

Please also view our RedBird LED high/low bay 6000K LED tube Lighting for more options.

Please check GTL Wattage & Cost comp chart with LED

Please Contact Us for further information and pricing.

* 30 Day Trial Guarantee
* Purchase One Of Our Retrofit Packages With A Credit Card.
* If within 30 Days You Are Not Satisfied Return It For A Full Refund…Less Shipping.

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