There are many different variations of Parking Lot Lighting. Many of them fall into the" Shoebox Light" Type of Lighting.

We can also retrofit up to 1000W High Mast lighting!

We offer an LED Retrofit for Metal Halide and most other HID Lamps from 100W to 1,000W including LED Parking Lost and Street lamps bringing Wattege down to 27W - 296W.

A street light and parking lot light often needs an expensive Lift truck and often a lane of traffic must be closed down while being serviced.  By installing the LED Retrofit for Metal Halide and other HID lamps you can eliminate mainenance for up to 20 years and also lower your electric bill by 76%. The LED retrofit for Metal Halide and other HID lamps also solves the light pollution problem by putting the light where it is needed, on the ground. Further the white light color of the LED retrofit makes parking lots and streets look much brighter and people feel more secure.


Due to the many variations of Lamp fixtures we cannot quote these products on our Web Site, please contact us for your custom quote or if you have any questions.

Here are two examples.

Before, 400W MH   After, 98W LED Parking Lot Light Retrofit

  • Reduced Energy Consumption and Operating costs by up to 80%.
  • Maintenance free operation – Eliminate Maintenance for 20 plus years.
  • Extremely Bright White Light, No UV or IR.
  • Puts the Light where you want it and eliminates "Light Pollution"
  • Environmentally friendly – fully Recyclable, no Mercury or other hazardous Materials.

Streetlight Lamp Retrofit Replacement:
  • A typical Cobra Head Street Light
  • Original 1000W Metal Halide Street Light Lamp
  • A 294W LED Retrofit replaces a 1000W HID Street Light Lamp
  • Energy Savings Alone Is Over $300 Per Year/Lamp, not Including Maintenance Cost


Please see following info/specifications-

Please check GTL Wattage & Cost comp chart with LED

Please Contact Us for your Custom Quote.

* 30 Day Trial Guarantee
* Purchase One Of Our Retrofit Packages With A Credit Card.
* If within 30 Days You Are Not Satisfied Return It For A Full Refund…Less Shipping.


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