FTC LED Par and R Style LED Light Bulb Lighting solutions and their 12V LED MR-16's are some of the Brightest, using the least amount of Electricity, with the most Optical Options, available in the World today. These LED Lights are excellent for LED Retrofit Applications.

FTC only uses Top Tier LED's from the Top three Manufacturers, this allows these LED Light Bulbs to outshine the rest.

They can be Custom made to your exact Specifications.

Indoor and Outdoor, these LED Light Bulbs will outperform the Competition for years to come.

Their 12V LED MR-16  is an actual replacement for  40W and 50W Halogen Bulbs

FTC also makes a Line of LED Par and R Lamps that produce virtually no heat and  will last 7 - 10 years. These Firefly LED Lights use under 17 Watts.

Their latest line of FTC LED Par Light Bulbs have up to seven times the cooling surface of most other Manufacturers. And with up to 140 Lumen per Watt, their LED Par Lamps can replace up to a 150 Watt Bulb at only 16.5 Watts.

FTC LED Par and LED PAR-20 (R) Lamps are both Indoor and Outdoor Rated.

FTC Message Board LED Lamps will last up to ten years and will make your Sign up to 3 times Brighter while cutting Energy use by 90%!

It is much less expensive to use these FTC LED Lights for an LED Retrofit.

 Features  Benefits
 Extremely high Lumen output  Replaces up to a 150W Standard bulb
 Available in several different Bases  No need to replace your existing Fixture
 Extremely low Heat output  LED's last up to 10 times longer
 Very Low Wattage  90% Energy Savings, pay for themselves
 Available for outside usage  Great for hard to reach Areas
 Up to 8 colors of White Light  Get the perfect light for different Applications
 2 different Viewing Angles, 30˚ and 45˚
 Put the Light exactly where you need it
 LED Retrofit  No need to replace Fixtures
 3 to 5 Year Pro-Rated Warranty  Peace of mind

FTC has too many Options to List, please check the Spec Sheets.

If you would like to order one of the other available colors of White Light please contact us and we will let you know Lead Times, the price is the same.

* 30 Day Trial Guarantee
* Purchase One Of Our LED Lights With A Credit Card.
* If within 30 Days You Are Not Satisfied Return It For A Full Refund…Less Shipping.



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