These American made LED Jewelry Store Lights have been Designed especially for Jewelry and their specific lighting needs. Extensive testing produced three colors of White Light that makes the Merchandise look incredible.

Without the proper Lighting, Merchandise on display will not attract attention and will not sell. That's why it pays to highlight your Jewelry and Window Displays with high-impact Lighting from BA10 LLC.

LED Lighting Systems that:

  • Creates a bright, cheery shopping environment that turns browsers into buyers.
  • Adds sparkle and brilliance to Gems, Jewelry, Precious Stones, Glassware, and Silverware.
  • Reduces your lighting power costs from 80 - 90%.
  • Outlasts conventional lighting up to 30 times, eliminating money spent on replacement bulbs.

FTC American made Jewelry LED Lighting Systems;
Linear LED Jewelry Case Lighting, LED Track Lighting, LED PAR Lamps and now LED Ceiling Inlay/Troffers can make your Diamonds dance far better than Fred Astaire ever could.

These LED Lighting Systems are the greatest invention to come along since the cutting of the Diamonds.

Not only are you showing off your Diamonds and other Precious Stones at their very best, your also reducing your Jewelry Lights Energy usage by about 80%!

Your customers will enjoy your cooler Store, along with the new exciting dazzle of your Jewelry. You will enjoy increased sales along with huge Energy savings.

Firefly's American made Jewelry Store Lights are made just for Jewelry, the White Light colors makes Diamonds dazzle like never seen before! Offered in Diamond One & Diamond Two.

LED Case Lighting Strips: From 17 1/2" to Six feet, these LED Case Lights have an adjustable Swivel so you can put the light exactly where you need it.

LED PAR- 30 & PAR-38 Jewelry Lights: Makes sure that your Precious Stones look as good out of the Case as in the Case.

MR-16 LED Lighting System: An actual 40W & 50W Halogen replacement.

All of these LED Jewelry Lights produce minimal heat, slightly warm to the touch. This along with no UV or any other Radiation ensures a much longer life for your Jewelry Elements and lowers your AC Load saving you even more Money.

For Ceiling Inlay/Troffer Retrofit Kits, please click here!

 Features  Benefits
 Extremely high Lumen output  Replaces up to a 150W Standard bulb
 Available in several different Bases  No need to replace your existing Fixture
 Extremely low Heat output  LED's last up to 30 times longer
 Very Low Wattage  90% Energy Savings, pay for themselves
 Cool to the touch and no UV  Saves on AC and also your Elements
 Up to 6 colors of White Light  Get the perfect light for different Applications
 Several different Viewing Angles  Put the Light exactly where you need it
 LED Retrofit  No need to replace Fixtures
 3 to 5 Year Pro-Rated Warranty  Peace of mind


* 30 Day Trial Guarantee
* Purchase One Of Our LED Jewelry Lights With A Credit Card.
* If within 30 Days You Are Not Satisfied Return It For A Full Refund…Less Shipping.



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