LED Fluorescent Ceiling Inlay

LED Fluorescent Ceiling Inlay

American made LED Light Ceiling Inlay/Troffer LED Light Retrofit Kit, LED Light T-8 Tube Light Replacements and LED Strip Lighting are amazing ways to Go Green and realize Energy Savings.These super bright LED's

Eliminate Buzzing, Flickering, UV and having to Recycle Fluorescent Tubes. With 50% or more Energy Savings these super bright LED's  pay for themselves usually in less than one Year!

Heat output is extremely low, saving you even more money by reducing your AC Load!
And with a 50,000 Hour or longer Life, eliminates Maintenance for Years to come.

FTC LED Light Ceiling Inlay/Troffer Retrofit Kit:

  • A 15 minute LED Retrofit fix for a Fluorescent Fixture
  • This LED Light produces the same Lumen output as 4 T-12 Fluorescent Bulbs (168 Watts), at 43 Watts and under $200, an amazing Product.
  • Outstanding Energy Savings!
  • UL Listed Power Supply.
  • Fully Dimmable and can be made to Blink as a Security Option.

Please see our Information Sheet and following specification Sheets
BA10 LLC Firefly_2x2_Brochure
BA10 LLC Firefly_2x4_Brochure

If you need new Fixtures, RedBird LED manufactures two LED Retrofit Fixtures, a 2' x 2' and a 2' x 4'.
Both are extremely high output and are a direct replacement for your Fluorescent Fixtures.

BA10_rbled-2' x 2 'LED Drop InTroffer Spec Sheet
BA10_rbled-2' x 4' LED Drop in Troffer Spec Sheet

RedBird LED Tube Light replacements is another great way to Go Green:

RedBird Premier designed and Engineered LED Tube Lights can reduce Electricity costs by 40% or more. With additional benefits of a reduced heat load and 6 years of Maintenance free operation the cost savings are quite compelling!


A direct Bulb for Bulb replacement gives instant Energy savings . These UL Listed American designed LED Tube Lights have a Poly Carbonate Lens, eliminating the need for Plastic Tube Guards. And with their built in Power Supplies there is no need to wire up a different Ballast for each Lamp. Also available in 2', 3' 5' and 6' Lengths. Please contact us if you need any of these lengths.

For more information see: BA10_rbled-Why Cardinal LED Linear Lights are better?

BA10_rbled- 2'3'4'and8'LED Linear Lights Spec Sheet
BA10_rbled-4' LED Linear Lights Spec Sheet
BA10_rbled-5'and6' LED LinearLightsforRefridgeratedProducts Spec Sheet

Firefly Technology's LED Strip Lighting, a very easy way to Go Green!

  • The choice of 5 different colors of White LED Light and several different Viewing angles.
  • Consistent LED brightness and Color matching
  • LED Strip Lights have the highest Light output, at the lowest Wattage (1.5W/Foot).
  • Flexibility of either low Voltage or 120VAC
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Different LED Strip Light lengths, 17.5" up to six feet



* 30 Day Trial Guarantee
* Purchase One Of Our LED Lights With A Credit Card.
* If within 30 Days You Are Not Satisfied Return It For A Full Refund…Less Shipping.



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