About Us

About Us

BA10 LLC is a woman owned and operated environmental and energy saving solution product company located in Georgia. Although our main business focus has been on energy saving products for our environment, we could not pass on this great opportunity to inform consumers about these lifesaving products that can, and will, and have made a huge difference in the lives of those who protect us (Emergency Public Servants), but also the lives of normal people that find themselves in abnormal situations. BA10 is dedicated to supplying top quality, American made products.

The products are as unique as the men that invented them. All inspired by real life crisis situations, these products were created to improve upon the safety equipment currently available to our Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Paramedics and Rescue Personnel. The products have also extended into residential and business facilities for generator back-up applications and hydrate systems for sporting and recreational events.

The Envirogencat™ was created by Mr. Robert Aratari (Engineer). Robert and his wife were a victim of Hurricane Wilma in 2005. They were trapped in what was left of their home for over 6 weeks, until rescue personnel could reach them. They survived with the use of a 5500 Watt Briggs and Stratton generator. The generator was very loud and produced a great deal of pollutants into the air. Robert made the first Envirogencat™ from a catalytic converter from a 78 Bronco, some duct tape and a few bungee cords. Today, The Envirogencat™ is perfected, patented and a well known Fire House name, used on generators and The Fireman Jaws of Life. It is rapidly growing as a house hold name for residential and business owners who live in high risk areas of losing power and utilize generators for back-up support. Put in general terms, If you are running a generator near your home, it is equivalent to having 100 running cars in your front yard. With The Envirogencat, it is equivalent to having 4 burners ignited on your stove top.

The Wauk board™ was invented by Mr. Gary Bandel and his sons (All Fire Fighters!). From real life situations, The Bandel's saw a need to create a safer and more efficient spine transportation board™ . Simple idea with enormous impact! This board™ has a built in dolly feature that allows fire and rescue to bring a victim out of very difficult situations, such as tight areas or stair ways. Not only does the injured person remain securely stabilized, But the rescue personnel are physically protected as well, because the board™ gives them ease of movement that a standard board™ can not provide. This product not only provides more protection for the victim, but also provides protection for the rescue personnel that is transporting the victim.

The Flagner Hydrate System™ was created by Roger Flagner and family (All Fire Fighters!). In real life, bad things do occur and on many occasions people are subjected to contamination, through fire, chemical exposure, debris ect.. during these times, Fire and Rescue need a water source to literally spray people off. In past situations this has been handled by Hydrate Trucks/Fire Trucks being brought into a crisis area. These trucks normally have a 10-20 minute delay getting the site of the fire or contamination. With The Flagner Hydrate System™ , any fire hydrant can instantly be turned into a Hydration/wash off source within seconds.

All products are patented, American Designed and American Manufactured. Available World Wide.

BA10 LLC is very proud and honored to work with all of these companies.

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